important ordering information

Thank you for visiting! Please read this page for useful info on how our ordering works, dispatch times, shapes and sizing etc.

how our ordering works

We only take ordering on specific release dates to allow us time to make and send your nails. We offer two types of release date - 'Made to Order' and 'Ready to Dispatch'. We alternate these types of release so you can decide which is best for you. 

'Made to Order'During a made to order release we will list all of our available designs, you select the design you would like, choose your shape, size and adhesive option. Everything is tailor made by hand to your specifications. This is also the time to place a custom order if you have a picture you would like recreated or for us to come up with something for you. Please head to our Custom Orders page for instructions on how to order a custom set.

we aim to dispatch made to order sets within 3-6 weeks however this is not guaranteed and does not include shipping time. when ordering 'made to order' you must be willing to wait for them to be made.

We are unable to provide individual order updates so we kindly ask that you do not message us before the 6 week mark regarding when your order will be sent. If you need your nails faster you can purchase a 'Rush My Order' pass, we aim to dispatch these upgraded orders within 1-2 weeks.

'Ready to dispatch' - All ready to dispatch sets have already been made and will be sent within 3 working days (this does not include shipping time). They are still handmade but are not customisable so we cannot change their size or appearance at all. We make them in a range of shapes and sizes including sets of 24 mixed sizes to give you plenty of options to find your perfect fit. This is a good option if you want your nails faster.


shapes & sizing

It is very important to try a Sample Sizing Pack before ordering to make sure the nails will fit you and to ensure the shape is right for you. Not all of our shapes are universal in size so please try a Sample kit in each shape you are planning to order to ensure the fit is correct. We are unable to provide additional sizes if your nails do not fit so please order a Sample Sizing Pack to avoid incorrect sizing.

When testing your size the nail should sit comfortably on the nail without being stretched or forced as this can make the nails pop off due to stress on the nail. If the nail is too wide the sides can be filed to fit. Please bare in mind that the nails often tighten up a little once the gel is applied so if you are not sure, go for the bigger size.

If you place an order and leave sizes smaller than our Extra Small size but have not ordered a Sample Sizing Pack in the past, we will automatically send a size Extra Small.

Please note our 'Rounded', 'Almond' & 'Extra Short Squoval' sets are designed for petite nails so these are sized differently. For more information please head to our Shapes & Sizing page.

nail prep and application

Our press ons are a higher quality than shop bought because they are hand painted using multiple layers of salon quality gels which are more durable and provide more strength to the nail meaning they will last longer. The designs are sealed with gel polish so will be protected. Store bought nails tend to be thinner, more prone to breakage and the design is printed on so is susceptible to fading. 

Our nails are better quality and will last longer but this does not mean they will automatically stay on for longer, the best press ons in the world will stay on for the same time as store bought without following the guidelines to keep them on for longer. The best ways to ensure your nails stay on for as long as possible is with good nail prep, correct sizing and a good adhesive. 

We offer Nail Prep Kits with everything you need to prep your nails and Sample Sizing Packs so you can correctly size your nails before ordering.