Items for acrylic and gel polish nail removal at home 
IMPORTANT - DO NOT use Acetone on your press on nails unless you no longer want them. They WILL melt and no longer be useable. These items are for salon acrylic and gel polish removal


  • 15 Soak Foil Pads suitable for soaking in acetone
  • 100ml Bottle of Pure Acetone
  • ​​​​​​​Stainless Steel Cuticle Pusher
  • ​​​​​​​Cuticle Oil
  • 7 Sided Nail Buffer
  • Instruction Leaflet

​​​​​​​Please use precaution and follow instructions when using chemicals, keep away from children and animals.

If you purchase this product with a set of false nails they will be shipped together. If you purchase alone it will be sent within 3 working days. 

Gel/Acrylic Removal Kit

  • 1. Cut down long nails
    2. File off the top layer of gel polish or acrylic 
    3. Lay out your foil wraps and pads ready for use 
    4. Lightly soak your pad in acetone, place over nail and wrap tightly with foil, twisting at the tip of the finger to secure (you may need someone to help you)
    5. Wait 20-30 minutes (you may need longer for acrylic nails), use a cuticle pusher or wood stick to push back the melted polish/acrylic, if there is still product on the nail reapply acetone pad
    6. Use a courser side of a buffing block to remove any residue, buff over with the lighter grit and then use the polisher side to bring back the shine (if you are applying press ons do not polish) 
    7. Apply cuticle oil and hand cream to regain moisture (if you are applying press ons, apply hand cream/oil after application. Cuticle oil is not recommended with matte nails)

    For acrylic extensions you may find it easier to soak your nails directly in a bowl of acetone. To make the process faster you can place another bowl of hot water beneath the acetone to warm it up.

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