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When customers ask how long our nails stay on for the answer is down to how your natural nails are prepped before applying your press ons. Yes you can stick press ons straight onto the nail but you will find they last much longer and look better taking a few minutes to prep them first.

These stainless steel rainbow scissors are an excellent addition to your nail care regimen. These are perfect so use with our Nail Prep Kits.

When you go to a salon to get a gel polish or a set of acrylics the technician spends time to prep the nails before, we encourage you to do this at home to help your press ons last as long as they can. Press ons love a natual nail bed, free of cuticle skin, dirt, oils and a matte surface with the nail shine removed. All of this creates the perfect surface for your press ons to adhere to. 

If you purchase your Scissors with a set of false nails they will be shipped together. If you purchase alone it will be sent within 3 working days.

Stainless Steel Rainbow Scissors

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