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Bespoke Hand Painted False Nails by The Holy Nail

The Holy Nail has been making Press On Nails since 2013 and are well known for our impeccable customer service, great quality products, beautiful packaging and attention to detail. We can't wait to make the nails of your dreams! Once you order from us you won't go anywhere else for your nails! 

Please contact us to get a quote before purchasing your custom design so we can advise which price tier your design will be.

Send us a DM on Instagram @theholynailuk or email with pictures/a description of what you would like. We can't wait to see what you go for! 

To give you a rough idea of prices:
Simplistic - Swirls, French, Basic Shapes, Decals, Glitter Fade
Detailed - Marble, Lettering, Ombré, Art with Mutiple Elements, Charms, Pressed Flowers
Complex - Intricate Art, Cartoons, Themed Designs with Detailed Aspects

Our press on nails are lovingly hand painted using salon quality gel polish for strength and shine. Because of this our nails are much stronger than shop bought and are reusable. If you want your nails to feel like as strong as acrylics, see our "Builder Gel" add on for extra thickness, strength, shine and protection. We make the nails to your perfect size, choose from 21 shapes and from over 150 colours for a personalised experience from start to finish. 

Please note, this is a Made to Order product and our creation time is 1-2 weeks. This does NOT include shipping time. Please only order if you are happy to wait for your nails to be made to your specifications.

Custom Design

  • You will need an adhesive to apply the nails. We have a few options when you purchase the nails: 

    Nail Glue - We offer 2g bottle of nail glue, enough glue for a couple of applications. Nail glue is the strongest adhesive option and is best for long term strong hold.

    Adhesive Tabs - These are sticky gel tabs that are applied to the false nails. Simply stick the tab to the back of the false nail, peel back the tab covers (recommended with tweezers) and press the false nails onto your natural nails. This method is not as strong as nail glue so they are more appropriate for one day/night wear but they cause minimal damage to your natural nails, are easy to remove and are great if you want to reuse the false nails.

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