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shapes & sizing

At The Holy Nail we offer a wide selection of shapes and sizes to choose from to achieve your perfect style and fit.

The nail shapes offered are shown here in the nail shape guide.

Each shape is set in length and will look roughly the same as what you see in the nail shape guide. (When selecting your nail size this refers to the width of your natural nails, not the length of the false nails)

 If you would like any of these shapes altered such as shortened please leave a note with your order at the checkout with any specifications. We will try our best to make these happen. 


Sculpted coffin have a deep C Curve and sit tighter on the nail, kylie jenner style. for a more natural fit try natural sculpted coffin



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Our standard sets include 10 nails in sizes:
X Small, Small, Medium, Large or Custom Sizes for Made to Order sets.


We also offer full sets of 24 mixed sizes, these are perfect for gifts, if you are unsure of your size or if you would like spare nails. These sets include: 2x nail sizes 0 to 9 and an additional 2x size 5 & 6 so you are guaranteed to find your perfect fit.

Toe nails are offered in a box of 24 mixed sizes or Custom Sizes.

Finding Your Size
Please try a Sample Sizing Kit that includes 10 numbered nails for you to test the size and shape before you buy. Not all of your shapes are universal in size so it is important to try a Sizing Kit in every shape you are considering ordering to ensure the nails fit you.

Alternatively you can use one of your sets of 24 mixed sizes to find your size as the nails are numbered beneath the tip. 

Not all shapes are universal in size but we try to match them up to be as similar as possible. For example if you fit an Almond size Medium you should fit a Medium in all shapes. If you need custom sizes however the numbers may be different between shapes so it's best to try a Sample Sizing Kit in any shape you'd like to order. Or at least let us know which sizing kit you tried so we can match the sizes up.


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