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Bespoke Hand Painted False Nails by The Holy Nail

A set of lovingly hand painted false nails using salon quality gel polish for strength and shine. 

Please try a Sample Sizing Pack before ordering as this product is not customisable. 

You will need an adhesive to apply the nails. Colours may appear slightly different in various lights.

These nails are ready to dispatch within 3 working days so we are unable to customise them.

Get Wavy (Ready to Dispatch)

  • You will need an adhesive to apply the nails. You can purchase Nail Glue or Adhesive Gel Tabs in our Adhesives, Nail Care and Extras section. 

    With Glue - A 2g bottle of nail glue, enough glue for a couple of applications.

    Adhesive Nail Tabs - These are sticky gel tabs that are applied to the false nails. Simply stick the tab to the back of the false nail, peel back the tab covers (recommended with tweezers) and press the false nails onto your natural nails. This method is not as strong as nail glue so they are more appropriate for one day/night wear but they cause minimal damage to your natural nails, are easy to remove and are great if you want to reuse the false nails.

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