If you're not sure which size and shape to order, find your perfect fit first with our sample sizing pack. 

This pack includes 10 nails in your chosen shape. This will help you gauge not only the size you need but also let you see the length and shape. The nails are blank and numbered from 0 to 9.

- Select the shapes you would like to try
- Try the nails on both hands and make a note of which numbers match each finger 
-When you place your order, if they do not match our regular sizes please leave a note in the requests box with your order stating the sizes you would like

Please note, not all of the sizes are universal. The sizes on the back of the Sample Kit refer to Coffin, Long Coffin, Sculpted Coffin, XL Sculpted Coffin, Long Almond, Square, Oval. For the perfect fitting it is best to choose the shape you are planning on using for your order. 

Please be aware that our Rounded, Almond and Extra Short Squoval shapes are made for petite nails so we size these up, if you would like to order one of these shapes when you are purchasing your nails please leave a note with the numbers you need in the special requests section.

You DO NOT need any adhesives with this pack and we do not recommend gluing on sizing nails. Sample Sizing Packs are limited to one of each shape per customer.

Sample Sizing Kit

  • We offer a variety of sizing and shape options to ensure you find your perfect style and fit. Please scroll through the listing pictures to find our nail shape guide.

    If you want to order Almond shape please select "Stiletto/Almond", you will receive the Stiletto shape in the Sample Sizing Pack as we cut this shape down slightly and shape them into Almond when we make your actual nails. 

    The nail shapes offered are:
    Coffin - Short/Mid Length 
    Long Coffin - Long
    Natural Sculpted Coffin - Mid Length/Long
    Sculpted Coffin - Mid Length/Long
    XL Sculpted Coffin - Extra Long
    Stiletto - Mid Length/Long
    Square - Mid Length
    Ballerina - Extra Long 
    Rounded - Short
    Oval - Mid Length to Long
    Almond - Short/Mid Length
    Long Almond- Long

    Sculpted nails have a deep C Curve and sit tighter on the nail. 

    There is a guide showing an example of each shape in the listing pictures. Lengths may vary slightly on different people depending on the length of their natural nail bed. 

    The size you select refers to the width of your nails not the length of the false nails. Each shape is the length the see in the nail shape guide. If you would like any of these shapes altered such as shortened please get in touch and leave a message with your order at the checkout with any specifications. We will try our best to make these happen. 

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